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A young man goes on an unexpected journey to reconnect with his dad. 

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After unwittingly vectoring a symbiotic alien fungus to Earth. A Canadian astronaut must decide if she will accept its invitation amongst the stars. 

After the success of They Can't. So I Must. Dara Eshaghian makes his directorial return venturing into science fiction.  Armillaria tells the story of Ana, a young Canadian astronaut who crash lands back to earth. Surviving an accident that no person could ever survive, what ensues its a cover-up that forever changes humankind's aspirations amongst the stars.

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Forgiveness is not for them It's for us

A dramatic revealing documentary that spotlights anti-black racism in Canada. It traces the journey of a Black Canadian professional athlete who experiences the rise of an exciting career and the crash that follows when police abuse leaves him critically injured. Inevitably, the story connects the power of forgiveness in over-coming life-altering trauma.
The film sheds light that anti-black police brutality is not unique to the United States; it happens in Canada as well. Too often Canadians are skeptical around claims of mistreatment of minorities in our country. By sharing Orlando's story, Canadians are confronted with the reality of racism and our inability to achknowledge it.

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