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devolution (n) dee-vo-lu-shun: the moving of power to a lower level

We’re Devolution Productions, a multi-award-winning global production firm specializing in creative video campaigns. We’ve been hired by dozens of companies across multiple industries to come up with ideas. Here’s what some of our customers have to say:

“Devolution created incredible, rich video content. Not only was the final product terrific, but working with Dara every step of the way was a seamless experience.”

“Devolution is always bringing new methods of filming to me and my staff, constantly creating creative and modern content. I can’t wait to book our next session!”

Matthew Lombardi
Managing Director, OneEleven

Benjamin Kalikoff, 
London Muay Thai

“Devolution went out of their way to make sure that our vision was being communicated in a socially responsible manner. I can't thank them enough for taking an idea and turning it into a professionally produced package.”

"Dara and the team at Devolution Productions have been wonderful to work with. We have worked together for the last few years on a number of different projects. Dara rises to the occasion no matter what challenge we throw at him! We have always been very satisfied with the end product. I highly recommend Dara."

Leslie Smith,

Project Spearhead

Alex Yazdani,
Yazdani Aeshetics

Our campaigns have led to an increase in new kickboxing enrollments, website traffic, and more.
Our goal? To make emotional connections with future customers accessible to more businesses.

About Us: Testimonials


Rewind to 2018: Dara, an aspiring MMA fighter, had just sustained a serious injury during a fight. Forced to put his Muay Thai training on hold but unwilling to back away from the sport, he knew he needed to find a new outlet. And then it hit him: He’d always loved film and there weren’t many people producing MMA video content. And so Devolution Productions was born.

Today, Devolution works with companies of all shapes, sizes, and specializations to create captivating marketing campaigns that tell a story. Because whether you’re a fledgling company or an established organization, your vision deserves to be shared. 



Creative Director and Founder

Dara is a creative director with a passion for narrative filmmaking whose work has appeared in multiple international film festivals. As the driving force behind Devolution, Dara aims to make a difference by making captivating videos and creating jobs. 

Dara has a background in political science and film and experience with podcast hosting, sales,  and management. With a knack for problem-solving and human connection, Dara is a natural storyteller who likes filming just as much as the relationships it creates. 

When he’s not directing or training Muay Thai, Dara can be found exploring Toronto’s west end with his partner Nika and their dog Gorgi.

About Us: Team
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